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COMEGI is a research centre promotes the development of research centred in the fields of management in line with the Universidade Lusíada (UL) strategy to promote higher level research and provide a strong scientific background to the higher degrees offered within the scope of activities of the Centre.

This centre, COMEGI, stems from the previous existing research centre of the UL, CLEGI, which was devoted just to industrial management and COMEGI is an essential instrument of the strategy to be pursued by UL aiming to increase the focus on advanced and high level research in the area of MANAGEMENT SCIENCES. The mission of COMEGI is developing high level of advanced and innovative research to acquire new results on the major challenges of modern Management Sciences:  

  1. Covering the major area of Public Management which is, unfortunately, ignored by most research units on Management, and relating its issues with the budgeting, financial and fiscal contexts;
  2. Pursuing research lines on E-Business, Marketing and Social and Labour Markets giving special attention to key challenges like E-Public Procurement and Digital Banking;
  3. Selecting major issues on HR Management, Leadership, motivation and performance assessment;
  4. Focusing on Technology Management including operations management, industrial systems and competitiveness.

Therefore, this Mission implies an innovative approach integrating interdisciplinary advanced know-how on multiple Sciences such as Organizational Theory, Operational Research, Public Management, HR, Technology and Industrial Systems, Financial, Social and Labour Markets.

Thus the nature of COMEGI is an interdisciplinary centre embracing Management Sciences, HR Management, Public Management, E-Business and E-Procurement, Marketing and Investment, Social and Labour markets, Industrial Systems and Technology.