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The research unit logo should be used to advertise activities, such as publications, multimedia material, dissemination of programs and other projects.

You should choose the format of the logo that best ensures its readability in the background and in the medium in which it will be applied. There are three versions available for download, to know:

  • Color version for light backgrounds;
  • Positive (black) version for light backgrounds
  • Negative version (white) for dark backgrounds.

The basic definitions of the logo shall not be altered, in particular:

  • Proportions / dimensions (height and width);
  • Predefined colors in the different versions of the logo (color, positive, negative).

Files for download:

  • Logo (jpeg + png).

For questions about the logo, please contact the secretariat of this research unit:

If necessary, you can also use the logos of the Minerva Foundation - Culture - Teaching and Scientific Research and the Lusíada University: